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Checklist by Daniel Kalenov for Obtaining Financing for Real Estate Projects

When attempting to obtain financing for real estate projects, it is important that your presentation and information package be complete, professional, and stand out from competing financing applications. What do you need to have? The following is the checklist suggested by Daniel Kalenov (A Professional Fund Manager) of what should be included.

The first thing is an executive summary. This summary should be able to stand alone and, quite literally, be used as a handout. This portion summarizes what you want to development, where the location of the development is, and why you think the development will be successful. You can include gross numbers, since the detail numbers will be included later.

Next, you need a business plan. This is where you begin to take a closer look at the project. Included would be information on entire process from initial development to sales and marketing of the final project.

Next are the pro formas. These accounting "what if" statements should include a profit and loss statement for the project, a balance sheet and a separate statement of projected income. These statements should cover all expenses and investments from purchase of raw land to ground breaking to sales and finally, to close out of the project.

The next section should include the resumes of all the principals involved, along with the resume of the developer and a list of the developer's completed projects.

The last section contains the exit strategy. How will you close the project out? What happens if there is a change in the status of any of the principals or the developer.

A carefully thought out request for project financing, presented in a professional manner, is a necessary part of any financing proposal.

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